Family Law

At Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, we understand changes in a family dynamic can cause tension and create an overwhelming, emotional hardship. Our family law attorneys are here to guide you through these challenges and advise you as to the best possible approach to your case/situation.

We serve a diverse group of clients. Women and men, wives and husbands, mothers and fathers. Business owners, established executives and professionals, and their spouses and partners. Our clients need and deserve attention to detail. Our Family Law attorneys are committed to provide experienced representation with a high level of compassion, personal attention and support to families faced with these difficult changes.

We regularly advise and help our clients with solutions through complex divorce-related litigation, contested custody matters, interstate and international jurisdiction disputes, and premarital and postnuptial agreements.

Family Law Experience:

  • Resolved issues including alimony and the division of assets and debts via trial, settlement and arbitration
  • Advised spouses seeking to retain ownership and preserve value of closely-held businesses
  • Assisted spouses who have very few assets in their name or control, but who have equitable interests in highly valuable marital estates
  • Defended high wage earners who are exposed to alimony or child support
  • Represented low wage earners who need alimony or child support
  • Counseled fathers and mothers seeking custody of children
  • Worked with spouses in high conflict relationships created by adultery or substance and/or physical abuse
  • Advised uninformed spouses who need professional help finding and valuing assets and income
  • Defended high profile spouses who value privacy in personal matters
  • Advised and drafted premarital agreements to protect property interests
  • Defended parents against intrusive government investigations

In addition to our team of experienced Family Law attorneys, our clients benefit from the complementary skills of other attorneys in our firm who can advise on tax, trusts and estates, corporate and real estate transactions, employment benefits and retirement plans.